“Vanity.” at New South

“What Did the Boy Do When He Came Back to Life?” at COG, Issue 6

“Did You Hear That?” at Hobart

“Solicitations” at Hobart

“Fatherwifehusband” at Corium Magazine, Issue 22

“Mr. Dinosaur” at Storychord, Issue 116

“One Summer Night” at Revolver, winner of Wanted 26

“Another Box” at Maudlin House

“Chemistry” at Numéro Cinq Magazine

“Whiteout” at Spartan

“Hood Ornament” at Cheap Pop

“The Long Green Stretch, The Tall Trees, The Clouds Shaped Like Stars” at Cleaver Magazine

“Big Country” at decomP magazinE

“Charles Opossum, 40” at Roadkill Obituaries

“Shame” at Numéro Cinq Magazine

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