“Reckless Abandon” at Cutleaf

“The Reason He’s So Late” at Pithead Chapel

“Everyone Must Leave Something Behind” at Necessary Fiction 

“What’s What” in F(r)iction, Issue 17, Winter 2020 (nominated for Best Small Fictions 2021)

“Other People” at HAD (chosen for inclusion in Best Microfiction 2021)

“The Last Supper” at Bending Genres

“Tradition” at Okay Donkey

“The Embarrassment” at Joyland Magazine

“For the Record” at Porcupine Literary

“The Tired Day” at CRAFT Literary

“There Was a Curse upon Them” at The Molotov Cocktail (Flash Monster 2019)

“Bare” at SmokeLong Quarterly, Issue 65

“Mysteries” at Mythic Picnic Tweet Story Project V3

“The Wherewithal” at Monkeybicycle 

“Creatures of Love” at Last Exit

“Old Friends” at Last Exit

“Everyone Needs a Kind Stranger to Listen to His Secrets” at Last Exit

“Parental Concerns” at Bending Genres

“Half Tank” at Atticus Review (nominated for Best Small Fictions 2019 and chosen for inclusion in Best Microfiction 2019)

“Living Our Best Lives” at jmww

“For to Thee Is This World Given” at Ellipsis Zine

“In the Forest, a Conversation” at WhiskeyPaper

“The Word Hater Reads His Future” in Hypertrophic Literary, Fall 2017 Issue

“Vanity.” at New South

“What Did the Boy Do When He Came Back to Life?” at COG, Issue 6

“Did You Hear That?” at Hobart

“Solicitations” at Hobart

“Fatherwifehusband” at Corium Magazine, Issue 22

“Mr. Dinosaur” at Storychord, Issue 116

“One Summer Night” at Revolver, winner of Wanted 26

“Another Box” at Maudlin House

“Chemistry” at Numéro Cinq Magazine

“Whiteout” at Spartan

“Hood Ornament” at Cheap Pop

“The Long Green Stretch, The Tall Trees, The Clouds Shaped Like Stars” at Cleaver Magazine

“Big Country” at decomP magazinE

“Charles Opossum, 40” at Roadkill Obituaries

“Shame” at Numéro Cinq Magazine

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