Interviews and Essays

“Make A Face, Alpine Man, and Dumbo: Dispatch from a PEZ Convention” (Barrelhouse Online, June 2019)

“An Interview with Caleb Michael Sarvis” (Fiction Writers Review, May 2019)

“Living as Lion and Hunter: An Interview with Donald Quist” (Fiction Writers Review, Oct. 2018)


“The End of Touch: The Millions Interviews Courtney Maum” (The Millions, May 2017)

“February 15, 2007” (Past Ten, Feb. 2017)

“Reduced to Gravel: On Paul Auster and the Isolationist Wall” (Vol. 1 Brooklyn, Aug. 2016)

“Exoneration” (5×5, Issue 4: Outsider, May 2016)

“The Search in the Dark: Interview with Noy Holland” (Numéro Cinq Magazine, Oct. 2015)

“Notes to a Turntable (On Vinyl Record Day)” (Alternating Current, August 2015 & 2017)

“Afraid to Panic: PW Talks with Benjamin Johncock” (Publishers Weekly, May 2015)

“A Lost Bridge Between Now and the Past: Interview with Ondjaki” (Numéro Cinq Magazine, Feb. 2015)

“What Is the Best Kurt Vonnegut Book?” (The Oyster Review, Dec. 2014)

“18 Short Story Writers on Why They Decided to Write a Novel” (BuzzFeed Books, Aug. 2014)

“Heartache and Humor: PW Talks with Courtney Maum” (Publishers Weekly, May 2014)

“Surrounded by Strangers: Interview with Lydia Davis” (Numéro Cinq Magazine, May 2014)

“The Character Voice of Barry Hannah” (Vol. 1 Brooklyn, April 2014)

“11 Literary Librarians Who Smash Stereotypes” (BuzzFeed Books, April 2014)

“An Emotional Echo: PW Talks with Stacey D’Erasmo” (Publishers Weekly, March 2014)

“The Wolf of the Wiener Riesenrad” (The Bygone Bureau, January 2014)

“Life Turned Up a Notch: PW Talks with Jessica Hollander” (Publishers Weekly, November 2013)

“My God, what have I done?: An Interview with Ethan Rutherford” (Numéro Cinq Magazine, July 2013)

“Road to Nowhere” (The Bygone Bureau, June 2013)

“Getting Down to the Algorithm: An Interview with Alexander MacLeod” (Numéro Cinq Magazine, February 2013)

“A Mantra: On Howard Norman’s The Bird Artist (Hunger Mountain, August 2011)

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