Interviews and Essays

Interviews with Ben

SmokeLong Quarterly (Sept. 2019)

CRAFT Literary: Author’s Note (Nov. 2019)

Best Microfiction 2022 (2022)


Interviews and Profiles of Other Writers

“Exposing the Muck of Human Behavior: An Interview with Michelle Ross” (Fiction Writers Review, May 2022)

“Close Observations on a Long Journey: An Interview with Melanie Finn” (Fiction Writers Review, April 2021)

“Everybody Wears a Mask: PW Talks with Caleb Azumah Nelson” (Publishers Weekly, Feb. 2021)

“Rendering Memory: A Conversation with Abby Frucht” (The Rumpus, Jan. 2020)

“A Barbarian on a Pillaging Expedition: An Interview with Douglas Glover” (Fiction Writers Review, Nov. 2019)

“Liz Moore’s Philadelphia Story” (Publishers Weekly, Oct. 2019)

“It Is a Country that Inspires Me: Talking with Courtney Maum” (Nowhere Magazine, July 2019)

“Living as Lion and Hunter: An Interview with Donald Quist” (Fiction Writers Review, Oct. 2018)

“The End of Touch: The Millions Interviews Courtney Maum” (The Millions, May 2017)

“The Search in the Dark: Interview with Noy Holland” (Numéro Cinq Magazine, Oct. 2015)

“Afraid to Panic: PW Talks with Benjamin Johncock” (Publishers Weekly, May 2015)

“A Lost Bridge Between Now and the Past: Interview with Ondjaki” (Numéro Cinq Magazine, Feb. 2015)

“18 Short Story Writers on Why They Decided to Write a Novel” (BuzzFeed Books, Aug. 2014)

“Heartache and Humor: PW Talks with Courtney Maum” (Publishers Weekly, May 2014)

“Surrounded by Strangers: Interview with Lydia Davis” (Numéro Cinq Magazine, May 2014)

“An Emotional Echo: PW Talks with Stacey D’Erasmo” (Publishers Weekly, March 2014)

“Life Turned Up a Notch: PW Talks with Jessica Hollander” (Publishers Weekly, November 2013)

“My God, what have I done?: An Interview with Ethan Rutherford” (Numéro Cinq Magazine, July 2013)

“Getting Down to the Algorithm: An Interview with Alexander MacLeod” (Numéro Cinq Magazine, February 2013)



“Mirror Interview” (After “Jury Duty” by Lydia Davis) (Run Amok Books’ The Growlery, March 2022)

“Make A Face, Alpine Man, and Dumbo: Dispatch from a PEZ Convention” (Barrelhouse Online, June 2019)


“February 15, 2007” (Past Ten, Feb. 2017)

“Reduced to Gravel: On Paul Auster and the Isolationist Wall” (Vol. 1 Brooklyn, Aug. 2016)

“Exoneration” (5×5, Issue 4: Outsider, May 2016)

“Notes to a Turntable (On Vinyl Record Day)” (Alternating Current, August 2015 & 2017)

“What Is the Best Kurt Vonnegut Book?” (The Oyster Review, Dec. 2014)

“The Character Voice of Barry Hannah” (Vol. 1 Brooklyn, April 2014)

“11 Literary Librarians Who Smash Stereotypes” (BuzzFeed Books, April 2014)

“The Wolf of the Wiener Riesenrad” (The Bygone Bureau, January 2014)

“Road to Nowhere” (The Bygone Bureau, June 2013)

“A Mantra: On Howard Norman’s The Bird Artist (Hunger Mountain, August 2011)

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