Chatting with Jessica Hollander

I regularly write semi-anonymous book reviews for Publishers Weekly, but recently I got to talk to Jessica Hollander for the magazine. I wrote about her debut collection (this isn’t so much a secret, as we started our contact with, “Hi, I’m Ben, the guy who reviewed your book!”), and was so floored that, when the chance […]

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My God, what have I done?

A month or so back, I began exchanging emails with Ethan Rutherford, author of the great, great new story collection The Peripatetic Coffin, and elements of our correspondence are now up on Numero Cinq. Ethan’s a fantastic person, and in the interview, we talk books, the sea, nostalgia (Spokey Dokes, Garbage Pail Kids) music (Talking […]

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Getting Down to the Algorithm

Back in January, I talked with Canadian writer Alexander MacLeod about his story collection, Light Lifting. Our chat went off on several tangents: running, former VP candidate Paul Ryan, train tunnels, commitment. Anyway, you can read the transcript for yourself over at Numero Cinq.

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