Emerging from my cave

After a quiet first quarter, I emerge from my cave with a small flurry of publications. Here they are, in glorious bullet point: At Words Without Borders, I reviewed two books by Thai author Duanwad Pimwana, her first to be translated into English (by Mui Poopoksakul). For Fiction Writers Review, I interviewed Caleb Michael Sarvis about his debut […]

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Oh yeah, there’s a blog on this site: fall update

I regularly neglect the blog portion of my website. As such, here’s a quick rundown of what I’ve published since my last post (back in May): Stories: “Creatures of Love” at Last Exit “Old Friends” at Last Exit “Everyone Needs a Kind Stranger to Listen to His Secrets” at Last Exit “Parental Concerns” at Bending Genres “Half Tank” at Atticus Review […]

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Brief Update

I talked with Benjamin Johncock about his excellent debut novel, The Last Pilot, for Publishers Weekly. I highly recommend Ben’s book. It’s a great read. Over at Barrelhouse, I took part in a panel piece on the FX comedy Louie. We got really into dissecting the narrative elements of the show, and we all admitted we’d go for […]

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Interviewing Ondjaki

I talked with Angolan author Ondjaki for this month’s issue of Numéro Cinq. You may remember that I reviewed Ondjaki’s novel, Granma Nineteen and the Soviet’s Secret, this past summer, and we got to communicating shortly thereafter. We chatted via email for several months to construct the piece, with messages exchanged every week or two. The wonders of technology! Read […]

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