Updates! (Updated!)

Three recent book reviews have surfaced. Behold: I rambled on about Elise Levine’s Blue Field at Numéro Cinq I waxed poetic about D. Foy’s Patricide at Rain Taxi I (fill in the blank) about Robert Walser’s Girlfriends, Ghosts, and Other Stories at Electric Literature All three are great reads, if you’re looking for something to read. If you’re not, they’re still great reads. […]

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Recent News: Reviews & Adventures

I wrote a little section of Lockjaw Magazine‘s awesome ongoing “Choose Your Own Adventure” story. Start from the beginning here. If you never make it to my contribution, you can find it here. Reviews: I talked about Diane Schoemperlen’s By the Book in the Spring 2015 print edition of Rain Taxi Review of Books. You can’t read it online, but if you’re […]

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Two New Reviews

The newest print edition of Rain Taxi contains my thoughts on Halina Duraj’s story collection, The Family Cannon. And over at Necessary Fiction, I review John Flynn’s Dreaming Rodin. Both of these books are from rather small presses, but don’t think that  says anything about the quality of the writing. Duraj’s book is quite good, delving though years and continents to […]

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Reading, and rereading, Jauss

Rain Taxi just posted my review of Glossolalia, a collection of new and selected stories by David Jauss. Dave is really a wonderful writer, one of the true unsung heroes of modern American prose. I got to know him a bit while I studied for my MFA, and I was pretty thrilled to have the chance to give […]

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The book born on the 4th of July

I can’t think about Independence Day without my brain switching over to Aimee Mann’s song “4th of July.” Such a heartbreaking and beautiful tune, full of memory and regret. If you don’t know it, you’re missing out. We all sit around cookouts and light fireworks, but the 4th of July simmers with an emotional undertone, […]

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