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Oh yeah, there’s a blog on this site: fall update

I regularly neglect the blog portion of my website. As such, here’s a quick rundown of what I’ve published since my last post (back in May):


“Creatures of Love” at Last Exit

“Old Friends” at Last Exit

“Everyone Needs a Kind Stranger to Listen to His Secrets” at Last Exit

“Parental Concerns” at Bending Genres

“Half Tank” at Atticus Review

“Living Our Best Lives” at jmww

Book Reviews:

“Review of The Concrete by Daniel Abbott” (Rain Taxi Review of Books, Issue 91, Sept. 2018)

“Hollywood Babylon: A Review of Ross McMeekin’s The Hummingbirds (Vol. 1 Brooklyn, June 2018)

Other Stuff:

“Living as Lion and Hunter: An Interview with Donald Quist” (Fiction Writers Review, Oct. 2018)

Take a look around. Maybe you’ll find something you like. Even if you hate it all, I appreciate you giving these links a few clicks.

Until the next time I remember to post on the blog, be well.


On Walls, Paul Auster, and Donald Trump

I have a short(ish) essay over at Vol. 1 Brooklyn that aims to use Paul Auster’s writing to discuss the damage that comes with building walls (which, of course, is one of the main promises of a certain loud presidential candidate). I enjoyed writing it. Maybe you’ll enjoy reading it.

Book Review

New Stuff

Some new(ish) book reviews:

Book Review

Talking Train Shots

I wrote a little review of Vanessa Blakeslee’s excellent story collection, Train Shots, for the equally excellent Vol. 1 Brooklyn. See it, read it, consume it right here.