Emerging from my cave

After a quiet first quarter, I emerge from my cave with a small flurry of publications. Here they are, in glorious bullet point: At Words Without Borders, I reviewed two books by Thai author Duanwad Pimwana, her first to be translated into English (by Mui Poopoksakul). For Fiction Writers Review, I interviewed Caleb Michael Sarvis about his debut […]

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2018, Condensed

The year is over (pretty much), so (bowing to peer pressure) here’s everything I put out in the world during 2018: I published the following stories, most of which are quite small: “The Wherewithal” at Monkeybicycle  “Creatures of Love” at Last Exit “Old Friends” at Last Exit “Everyone Needs a Kind Stranger to Listen to His Secrets” at Last […]

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A book, you say?

About a year ago, Gary Anderson, who runs the small New Jersey publishing house Run Amok Books, approached me about releasing a collection of my various nonfiction writing. While I was flattered, I didn’t have a full collection’s worth of material, but our back and forth inspired Gary to create a volume of nonfiction by […]

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It’s such fun

I have two stories in the new issue of Hypertrophic Literary (a reprint of “Fatherwifehusband” and a new one, “The Word Hater Reads His Future”). You can buy a print or digital copy here. Many thanks to editors Maddie Anthes and Lynsey Morandin for their enthusiasm and help. Also, the kind folks at The RS […]

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Looking Backward

I’m very happy that my friend Donald Quist invited me to participate in his new online project, Past Ten, which lets writers talk about their pasts. Here’s my contribution.

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Some (new) News

A few new items have popped up recently. One is a tiny essay I wrote called “Exoneration,” which appears in the latest issue of 5×5. It’s only one sentence long, but that sentence is far from short. Also out are a couple of book reviews. At NC, I got to talk about Masande Ntshanga’s amazing novel, The Reactive. And I was […]

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