Looking Backward

I’m very happy that my friend Donald Quist invited me to participate in his new online project, Past Ten, which lets writers talk about their pasts. Here’s my contribution.

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Some (new) News

A few new items have popped up recently. One is a tiny essay I wrote called “Exoneration,” which appears in the latest issue of 5×5. It’s only one sentence long, but that sentence is far from short. Also out are a couple of book reviews. At NC, I got to talk about Masande Ntshanga’s amazing novel, The Reactive. And I was […]

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A letter to a record player

Vinyl Record Day is apparently a thing, kind of like National Hot Dog Day and National Jump On One Foot Day (not sure if that last one exists). Anyway, I wrote a little something for Alternating Current in celebration. It’s a tiny note to my childhood record player.

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Small Things

Brief update: I contributed a tiny bit about Kurt Vonnegut’s God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater to a great little essay over at The Oyster Review. I’m happy to share the same space with some excellent writers as we wax poetic about our favorite Vonnegut books. Also, I added my two cents to Necessary Fiction‘s “Best of 2014” roundup.

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On Barry Hannah

Vol. 1 Brooklyn was kind enough to run my essay, “The Character Voice of Barry Hannah,” which closely examines Hannah’s short novel, Ray. It’s somewhat academic and dense, looking at how Hannah employs various techniques to create a narrative full of verbal action when, in reality, very little physically transpires. You can check it out right […]

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