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I am truly horrible at updating this website with new blog posts…

The year is almost over, and since my last dispatch, I have two more publications to share. Up first is a story about a troubled marriage, a WWII typhoon, and a ghost trapped in a wall. It’s called “The Wherewithal,” and the generous folks at the amazing Monkeybicycle gave it a home.

Second, I wrote a review of Julián Herbert’s debut novel, Tomb Song, for Kenyon Review Online. The novel is fascinating, chronicling the thoughts of Herbert (or, at least, a slightly fictionalized version of Herbert) as he sits at his ailing mother’s bedside. I highly recommend the book for lovers of literary fiction and translations.

That’s all to report. See you next year, friends.


Aa-hoooooo, Vampires of New England. Aa-hooooooooo.

Wrote a small tale based on old stories of New England vampires (folks were pretty gullible back in the day), and the kind editors over at Ellipsis Zine gave it a home. Click on through to take a look.


Talking with animals

New story alert! I have a flash at the amazing WhiskeyPaper. It’s about getting lost in the woods. Immense gratitude to Leesa Cross-Smith for accepting the piece.

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It’s such fun

I have two stories in the new issue of Hypertrophic Literary (a reprint of “Fatherwifehusband” and a new one, “The Word Hater Reads His Future”). You can buy a print or digital copy here. Many thanks to editors Maddie Anthes and Lynsey Morandin for their enthusiasm and help.

Also, the kind folks at The RS 500 let me write an essay about Lou Reed’s 1972 classic, Transformer. Of course, the essay is mostly about my first semester of college, but Lou Reed makes several appearances, too. (I promise!)