It’s such fun

I have two stories in the new issue of Hypertrophic Literary (a reprint of “Fatherwifehusband” and a new one, “The Word Hater Reads His Future”). You can buy a print or digital copy here. Many thanks to editors Maddie Anthes and Lynsey Morandin for their enthusiasm and help. Also, the kind folks at The RS […]

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The Goonies, Koko B. Ware, and Diane Williams, together at last!

Two pieces of information: First, Kenyon Review Online published my review of Diane Williams’ great story collection, Fine, Fine, Fine, Fine, Fine, which you can read here. Second, COG published my short story, “What Did the Boy Do When He Came Back to Life?” in their newest issue. In it, I namecheck The Goonies, WWF Wrestling, Koko B. Ware, and more. […]

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Spooky Time

My second story to appear at Hobart, “Did You Hear That?,” is now up and available to read. It’s a rather humorous tale of the murderer hiding in your basement. Kinda. You’ll have to read it to see what I mean.

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One day, a man wakes up …

My story, “Fatherwifehusband,” about a man who turns into a baby, is in the new issue of Corium Magazine. I’ve loved Corium for quite some time, so I’m very happy they published the piece. What’s great is that my story is included in a pretty loaded issue, full of writers I respect so, so much. Do yourself a favor […]

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