Teaching at Skillshare

I am excited to announce that my first creative writing class for Skillshare is now available! It is titled “Crafting Complex Characters (Quickly) for Short Fiction.”

From the class page:

Whether you’re writing a 400 or 4000-word short story, you need to know your protagonist’s tics, joys, and sorrows in order to create a believable connection with an audience. As such, the goal of this class is to provide writers of all skill levels with a quick and easy multi-part project designed to build a credible character in under an hour. By the end of this class, you will have not only a mini character bible, but will have also “spoken” with your character, which will assist you in choosing the right point-of-view for your story.

I’d love for you to take a look at the class, and Skillshare has provided me with a special link that will allow you to sign up for two FREE months of premium membership. This gives you free reign to take any class you want! Click here (or the picture above) for the link.