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Getting into Get in Trouble

Get_In_TroubleAt Numéro Cinq, I reviewed Kelly Link’s new collection, the amazing Get In Trouble. Read it here.

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The Wallcreeper and the new senior editor converse

So happy to share my thoughts on Nell Zink’s The Wallcreeper in this month’s issue of Numéro Cinq. This novel is really taking off, and the attention is well-deserved, even if it does feel a little like having a favorite indie band suddenly embraced by the mainstream.

Also, I’m now senior editor at NC. The rumors are true: I’m sleeping my way to the top.

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Top of the World, Ma! (Or, at the very least, Top of the Page)

My time at Numéro Cinq stretches back close to three years now, which is kind of crazy, since I still feel like the new kid on the block. Anyway, I’ve hung around long enough that the powers that be (read: Doug Glover) decided to feature some of my writing in the “Top of the Page” slideshow accompanying this month’s issue. I’m super grateful for this, and I think DG chose some nice pieces to revisit. Click on through to read a little blurb about me, and visit the home page to see some of my older reviews, author interviews, and stories.


“Creeps at McDonald’s,” or “I have a new short story at Numéro Cinq”

I have a new, rather short story at Numéro Cinq. It’s kind of creepy, which is appropriate for mid-October, but I think it’s darkly funny, too. You can read it by following this link.

The idea for the story came from this pretty messed up report out of Oregon. The lesson here? People are horrible.