Louis Armand at Jazz Republic 23.5.13

In the latest issue of Numero Cinq, I have the pleasure of introducing an excerpt from Louis Armand’s upcoming novel, Cairo. Louis contacted me a few months back to see if I’d be interested in putting something from the book in NC, and it only took me about a second to respond, “YES!” Louis’s writing is an absolute joy to read. It’s sharp, funny, odd, disturbing: everything you want in challenging literature.

Here’s where you can find the excerpt.

Book Review

Tripping through Kafkaville

“Louis Armand’s Breakfast at Midnight crackles across the page like a cloaked drummer keeping time on a hi-hat cymbal in some broken down, forgotten nightclub on the wrong side of the tracks …” So begins my descent into Prague’s literary underbelly. Armand’s novel is quite fantastic, in a make-you-want-to-take-a-shower kind of way, and you can read my thoughts on it over at Rain Taxi.