Thinking about talking to writers

I just returned from the first Barrelhouse/Hobart Writer Camp, and after spending a few days talking with other writers about writing in the Pennsylvania wilderness, I’ve been inspired to revisit all of the author interviews I’ve conducted over the years.

In case any of you want to check these out, too, I’ve made a convenient list below. Just click on the author’s name to find the interview:

Lydia Davis

Stacey D’Erasmo

Noy Holland

Jessica Hollander

Benjamin Johncock

Alexander MacLeod

Courtney Maum


Ethan Rutherford

Plus there’s this piece, which contains small responses from some of the above, but also Charles Baxter, Vanessa Blakeslee, Jennine Capó Crucet, Julia Elliott, Roxane Gay, Amelia Gray, Lindsay Hunter, Bret Anthony Johnston, Stephen Graham Jones, Maya Lang, Rebecca Makkai, Jess Row, Ted Thompson, Laura van den Berg, and Kevin Wilson.

Book Review

Lying Quiet in the Dream of Life

This is a review I almost forgot existed. I wrote about Noy Holland’s strange and beautiful collection, Swim for the Little One First, for Drunken Boat, but since DB only comes out once a year or so, my thoughts have been sitting on ice for a few months. The wait is worth it, though, because Drunken Boat always contains some of the sharpest design in online journals. Not to mention the stories, poems, and Non-fiction pieces, which routinely shake and rattle the bones. Feel free to explore