Thinking about talking to writers

I just returned from the first Barrelhouse/Hobart Writer Camp, and after spending a few days talking with other writers about writing in the Pennsylvania wilderness, I’ve been inspired to revisit all of the author interviews I’ve conducted over the years. In case any of you want to check these out, too, I’ve made a convenient list below. Just click […]

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Top 12 Short Story Collections of 2013

OK, so I don’t buy into journalistic lists, and this time of year, listicles are relentless. Everyone wants to proclaim the ten best movies, books, restaurants, albums, tv shows, colors, lampshades, zombie-themed children’s games, spoons, oak trees, pine trees, artificial trees, crossword puzzles, wigs, and, well, you get the picture. Yet here I am, writing […]

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My God, what have I done?

A month or so back, I began exchanging emails with Ethan Rutherford, author of the great, great new story collection The Peripatetic Coffin, and elements of our correspondence are now up on Numero Cinq. Ethan’s a fantastic person, and in the interview, we talk books, the sea, nostalgia (Spokey Dokes, Garbage Pail Kids) music (Talking […]

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